Enjoy the road. 5 types, 6 ranges y 28 models


The A-class represents the best of motorhomes. The peripheral view in the cabin, the space in the driving place, the amenities available on such bodyworks, make the ARISTEO the flagship of the brand.



The semi integrated is a lows profile that benefits the advantages of an A-class and particularly from the drop down bed and the big roof light (sky view). PERSEO and MILEO are on this category.


Low profile

The low profile TESSORO is the best value for money on our range, it’s also one of the most attractive on the market, due to its design and price.



The Luton is the typical family motorhome, able to lodge more than 5 people. The SPORT range inherited, in Benimar, the same care and the same materials as the other vehicles of the collection.



The BENIVAN is the van conversion made in an industrial way. Thanks to its small dimensions, its functionality, the quality of the details and its discretion, the Benivan is the perfect partner for those who like small motorhomes.